Courses & Subject Offered
Courses & Subjects        :   

        a).    XI and XII Arts                                                      b).    XI and XII Science

               English, Alt. English, MIL Man,                                     English, Alt. English, MIL Man, MIL Thk,
               MIL Thk, Pol. Science, Economics,                             Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and
               History, Education, Manipuri & Statistics                    Biology.

        c).    Bachelor of Arts

                MIL Man, General English, Regional 
                Development (North East) Environmental Studies,
                Political Science (Elective and Honours),
                Economics (Elective and Honours),
                Manipuri (Elective and Honours),
                Education (Elective), History (Elective)

        d).    Bachelor of Science

                MIL Man, General English,
                Regional Development (North East),
                Environmental Studies,
                Chemistry (Elective and Honours),
                Zoology (Elective and Honours),
                Botany (Elective and Honours),
                Physics (Elective and Honours),
                Anthropology (Elective), Environmental Science (Elective).

        e).    Bachelor of Computer Application.

        The newly open subjects for degree levels are:

               i.    Sociology
               ii.    Physical Health Edn. & Sports.
               iii.    Statistics.
               iv.    Thadou Kuki.